17 mag 2010

Le Jardin des Plantes

My trip is going great and I am having the best time ever!
I am now on the train towards Leeds (free wi-fi, amazing for Italians) and, while watching the beautiful English countryside go by, I am catching up with your blogs and mine also!
I have so many things to share, this trip has been very inspirational and I am sure that Yorkshire will be the same!
While in Paris with my mom, we went to visit the Botanical Gardens and that was like a dream came true!!! They are big, full of blooming flowers and just perfect! We had a long and interesting walk and I have now lots of ideas for my own garden!

Words cannot express nature's beauty so... it's better to let the pictures speak for themselves!

Stay tuned because there's more to come!!!!

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beth ha detto...

Hey Piccola

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It would be great to make the same project from Lotta's book. Let me know which one you are interested in (bethvnicholls at googlemail dot com)

Just seen from your blog that you were recently in Leeds, which is where I live! If you are still here, you might like to check out The Bowery (www.thebowery.org) which is a really cute cafe with a gallery, sewing and other art and craft workshops, and a little shop selling gorgeous handmade things

Happy travels!