4 mag 2010

A new home for my ID

Remember my last post where I asked you to guess what I was making with some doilies, linen and polka dot cotton? I finally finished my new ID holder and am very proud to share with you all!

I've had the same ID holder for the past 15 years. It was a gift from my mom and I love it dearly but, after years of use it is now a bit battered and will feel better in one of my drawers.
I couldn't find a better challenge! I knew I couldn't find the perfect case where I live and I wanted to make myself something special, as I always give all the things I do to friends.

So I grabbed a few doilies, some vintage linen and began hand stitching them on the fabric.
I added some polka dot blue cotton for the lining. I love the contrast between the vintage exterior and the modern and funky lining. Using a vintage wallet as pattern, I ironed some interfacing to the linen and then sewed all together.

The stitching on the lining is far from perfect but my sewing machine wasn't working properly... I hope it's something temporary. I also embroidered my initials on the cover, it looks so stylish!

The only problem is it's too beautiful to just throw it in my bag... I will remember to put it in one of its pockets! Otherwise, seen the mess inside my bags, I doubt it will last 15 years!
p.s. thank you girls for the awesome comments on my last post!!! They absolutely made not just my day but my whole week!!!!

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