24 feb 2010

Stranding pearls

Two Christmas ago, my boyfriend's mom and his sister gave me a two-stranded pearl necklace, saying that I could refashion it the way I wanted.
Well, it took me two years but today I made a long pearl and silver necklace that will be great in my summer parties! I am completely in love with the final product, it's very simple yet elegant. Plus it's so long that I can wear it loose or in two strands around my neck or as a bracelet.

What do you think? Will my other necklaces keep it good company?

3 commenti:

Alli (One Pearl Button) ha detto...

Lovely!! I love long strand necklaces because they are so versatile.

You have an awesome necklace collection!

AKing ha detto...

Beautiful! I bet it will look fantastic with your Marie skirt!

piccola samurai ha detto...

Thanks girls!!!!!