23 feb 2010

Vicky's dog bed

Vicky and Dolly are my parents' dogs. They are sweet, big and I just love them! They are the queens of my mom's house but what's a queen without a throne?
Well, basically they already have two fluffy dog beds in which they snore all day but I wanted to add a touch of me. This dog bed in fact is a huge pillowcase, so the real bed can fit in.

I used some fabrics that have been in my stash for years... the patterned one is from Ikea, the red one came from my boyfriend's mom and the brown came from my great aunt's house. I bought only the striped one which costed €2 at a market stall in Avola (it's the only place in which to thrift here). I wanted it to be cheerful and colourful but I also wanted it to fit my mom's taste.
It seems like a did some quilting but believe me, I had never done anything like this before. Trying to match the angles was really challenging and, once finished, I was far more then just stressed out.

In order to hide raw edges on the inside, I lined the upper part with an old bed sheet.

The whole product looks great to me but here are some details... far from perfect... I guess that Vicky will still be thankful! She will for sure lick me all over my face (she does that all the time...)!

I still have Dolly's one to finish... we'll see if I can learn from my mistakes...

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