13 mar 2010

In wonderland

I'm finally back home after experiencing another taste of winter in Switzerland... it was actually snowing on March 9th... where's Spring?
Here in Sicily the weather is not at all better... it's been raining really hard for a few days now... that means that all my garden projects went at the bottom of my to-do list.
I would love to say that this will mean a lot of time to craft but power went out in the small house I'm now using as craft room due to the rain and we still have to figure out why. I will crawl on my couch with my embroidery assignment and try to finish it!
Yesterday night we went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3-D and it was absolutely amazing! I never had the chance to see a movie in 3-D so I felt like a kid in a candy store. The colours, the plants and Alice's dresses were magnificent!!! They would have looked amazing on a red carpet! Oh... and what about the Mad Hatter's laboratory? Ribbons, fabric, feathers scattered everywhere, that was really the craft room of my dreams!!!!
Below it's a picture of what I wore. Even if this is not a fashion blog and will not become one in the future (as I don't have the confidence and don't feel too stylish), I felt so great wearing that clothes that I decided to share them with you. I felt pretty, sustainably stylish (most of the garments are vintage hand-me downs) and in some way it was my tribute to Alice and her beautiful Wonderland.

Crocheted hat - hand-made by grandma V.

Raincot - vintage, was grandma's E.
Black turtleneck - vintage, hand-me down from great-aunt
Crystal beads necklace - vintage, hand-me down from great-aunt
Skirt - vintage, hand-me down from a relative in Rome
Grey cardigan - hand-made by great-aunt
Black tights - Calzedonia
Black patent leather pumps - Mauro Leone

I love it even if I feel it is too country... ops, I was just forgetting that I live in the country therefore it's appropriate! What do you think?

3 commenti:

Alli (One Pearl Button) ha detto...

Cute outfit! I love that gorgeous skirt, and your hand-made cardigan. I haven't had a chance to see Alice yet - I'm hoping to catch it in 3-D before it leaves the theater. Glad you liked it!

Natasha ha detto...

Well for not being a "fashion Blogger" you definatly came up with a great outfit! Love the layering you did!

Michele ha detto...

I love this! You're lucky to have so many stylish family members!