5 mar 2010

Wardrobe Refashion

After long hours spent thinking... after nights spent awake trying to figure out what to do... I took a deep breath and got myself in another trouble.... I entered the magical world of Wardrobe Refashion (button on the right)... for the next two months I pledged that instead of buying new clothes, I will refashion what I thrift, what I already own and build new items from my huge fabric stash!
I'm not a goddess when it comes to sewing... hence the name of my blog... I couldn't even understand in the Marie skirt sew-along that one small piece was to be used for the bottom of the skirt... but you learn only from your mistakes and only making things, so what could be best than trying to built up a spring/summer wardrobe from scratch?
It's a huge challenge and I'm really scared and excited at the thought!!!!
Did any of you took the pledge in the past? Any advice?

p.s. in order to start in the best possible way, I went out and bought new bobbins for my sewing machine, a gauge, some feathers (for my embroidery class), tracing paper for patterns, fabric and a small rotary cutter! Believe me... I feel like having bought a pair of Marc Jacobs flats... I'm so proud of my shopping!!!!

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Natasha ha detto...

That sounds like an absolutly fabulous challenge!! I'm thinking I need to do something like this...I do make quite a bit of my clothes..but I love shopping for clothes ohhh so much as well!!
Best of Luck to you!!
P.S. I have some DIY posts on my blog that might be able to help you with this challenge..and in the next few weeks I'll be posting more!

Previously Pants ha detto...

I so understand your dilemma... I did the sewing supplies shopping spree earlier this week, but have not taken the pledge so far... though I do check the Wardrobe Refashion site more than once a week and I do do refashion, but am afraid it will become something I have to do instead of just fun.
You are a brave woman!

Alli (One Pearl Button) ha detto...

Congratulations!! I've been thinking about taking the Wardrobe Refashion pledge for ages (I've subscribed to the blog for years), but have never done it. I think you might inspire me to go for it!

piccola samurai ha detto...

Thanks girls!
I took the pledge on WR because basically I'm idle and I need timetables and deadlines in order to be productive. That's why I'm trying to participate!
Although I love to buy new clothes, I am also aware that most fashion houses do not even know the meaning of eco-friendly, sustainable, against child labour etc etc etc (and believe me, I've worked in there..)... and I don't want to help them get richer in spite of our planet.
It's not important if we pledge on WR or post everyday about our refashioning, it's important that we thrift, recycle, refashion and hand-down clothes, to let them live the longer possible life.
I personally think that blogs like WR can help lots of us to be inspired and start live in a more sutainable way.

Natasha - I will come by and take a look to your tutorials, anything to improve!

Previously Pants - I'm not brave, I'm mad!

Alli - if I pledged then you can be the head of the WR team as you are great in refashioning and sewing! Go for it, you are already doing this, it will just have another name!