2 mar 2010

A messy crafting space

This is how my crafty space looks like tonight after I ended the second dog bed for my mom.
I know, it's a tremendous mess and while I shouldn't be posting this, I also think that it shows all the effort and passion I put in my work today.
Fabric swatches are everywhere, thread spools are rolling on the floor and my favourite scissors have disappeared. Nonetheless, it was fun to treasure hunt in my own space.
First thing to do, tomorrow morning, is try to clean up and find the scissors. And... don't forget, packing my luggage... tomorrow night I'm flying to green Switzerland to visit my parents for a week. I'm soooo happy I'm getting to stay with them for a few days... in a place where's a huge sewing supplies shop, a huge craft shop and a very little vintage boutique....
How I love travelling!!!!!!!!

3 commenti:

Alli (One Pearl Button) ha detto...

I think it looks lovely - you can see that you've been working! Have a great trip!

sunny ha detto...

Oooohhh..what a pretty ironing board cover! Where did you get it?

piccola samurai ha detto...

Hi Sunny, thanks for stopping by my blog and take time commenting! As I live in Italy, I bought the cover together with the ironing board in Ragusa, at the supermarket!