1 mar 2010

Weekend & Inspiration

Weekend was spent working in the outdoors, tasting Spring!
On Saturday we cut down a huge pine tree that was partly uprooted by a strong wind last winter. We thought on calling a pro to do the work but finally, as money is tight and our spirit is too brave, we decided to do it ourselves. It was hard and dangerous but in the end the pine came down and nobody was hurt. I'm sorry we had to cut it down but now, from my front door, I can see the seaside. It's far but I can still see it!!!! Here is my new view:

As we hadn't worked enough the day before, on Sunday we went to Cava d'Ispica, a natural canyon some 20km away from our home, and helped the great guys of "Kalura", a group that wants to spread the passion of walking and trekking, in cleaning a path. We built stairs with wood and stones in a steep slope. The weather was beautiful and the company amazing, we went home tired but happy. Plus the place is magical. Really.

So, I had no time for crafting with my hands but in some spare time, I had the chance to take some inspiration from the web.
On Saturday I received via email the first assignment of my embroidery course. It's a huge challenge as I am only able to cross-stitch. We will experiment the basic of mixed media embroidery using as pattern a feminine silhouette. This week is all about "paint and stitch", experimenting watercolors and embroidery. I am quite scared in thinking to start this huge project but nonetheless I would love to find just five minutes to sit down with my threads and choose the right palette. The course is from the lovely Hand Embroidery Network which provides a lot of free tutorials on basic stitches.
Through them I also found this beautiful website, more a network, called Colour Lovers, where you can browse through tons of palettes, patterns and colours. It's great to find some inspiration and, why not, some new and bold combinations. You can even create and download your personal colour scheme. I'm looking forward to finding the time for browsing it as it deserves.
Any weekend inspiration or adventure you want to share?

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Alli (One Pearl Button) ha detto...

Wow, what a beautiful weekend! I had a crazy week, so I mostly rested this weekend. Plus, it's still *freezing* here, so best to stay inside! I can't wait to see the sun again!

Megan ha detto...

I am in love with your view! Saw you over on WR - I am a lurker too!
Greetings from Alaska, USA!

piccola samurai ha detto...

How cool!!! Straight from Alaska! That's why I love blogging!!!!