18 mar 2010

A too simple refashion?

It took me more than one week but in the end I finally managed to post something on Wardrobe Refashion. I knew it was going to be tough... properly speaking I haven't done a refashion like those you can see on the blog... I just overdyed a white jacket that, because of its colour, hadn't been worn once in the last two years.

I bought it on sale at Zara in 2006 for less than 20€. I wore it a few times to go to work but when I lived in Milan boyfriend and I used to ride a scooter which was not the best for a white jacket. Last year, when we moved to the Sicilian countryside white became even more difficult to wear: our car is used both for going out and transporting country things, when I get home my dog is so happy to see me that he loves to put his usually muddy paws on my belly... So the white jacket went at the bottom of my wardrobe and lied there almost abandoned.

In the end, I decided to overdye it. I wanted it to be as black as the night and I also wanted to put a few lacey details in order to give it a more military look. I had a vintage triangular lace that was perfect to put on the shoulders as a fake flash.
I bought the dye and rummaged through all my ribbon boxes for a few hours until the washing machine hadn't finished.... not only the jacket was blue and not black but it is all white stitched. I guess that the thread is polyestere....

Ok, so no lacey black flashes on shoulders and black sequins... I can't believe something so simple went wrong.
So, after thinking of handstitching all the white thread in dark blue, putting a vintage lace on the collar and blue sequins on the shoulders (the last two can still come though), I went for simplicity and added this hand-made brooch that I bought in Madrid in 2006. It looks good to me!

Plus, boyfriend said that it looks like a sailor garment. I hadn't thought of that! I immediately went to my closet and wore the jacket on top of my striped tee... now I just have to say goodbye to this flu and welcome Spring!!!

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Natasha ha detto...

I think alot of the time when dyeing clothes it turns out alot different than your expected outcome...quite often clothes has different finishing treatments on the fabric sometimes making it impossible to dye..or bleach. Once I tried to bleach a pair of blue jeans..I soaked them in bleach for days..and they didn't lighten up one bit...and usually cotton is the easiest fabric to dye/bleach. Perhaps thats why they always tell you to test it patch of fabric that isn't seen from the outside!?
The Navy does look great tho!!

Erin ha detto...

I LOVE it in navy. It does look like a vintage naval uniform, and it's so cute with the stripes underneath. I wish my mistakes turned out half as well!

Silver Sisters ha detto...

I LOVE the blue with white stitching! The white stitching makes the structure of the jacket stand out and gives it interest. MUCH better that the white, IMO. I didn't think sailor, at all, by the way. it all depends on how you wear it.

piccola samurai ha detto...

Thanks girls! I definitely think the jacket will stay like this, I fell in love!

Natasha - I think it changed colour because of the fabric... when I took it out of the washing machine, I read the small label on the inside "do not wash".... maybe I should have read it before??? Anyway, lovely disaster!