17 mar 2010

Sashiko embroidery

Spring seems finally to be here but I'm stuck inside with a cough and I don't feel like crafting. I just feel drowsy and stayed mainly on the couch with my netbook on the lap, surfing the internet and procrastinating.


However, in these last two days of browsing I found a few real gems... the one I love to share with you is Sashiko Embroidery. It is a Japanese running stitch used to reinforce old and thorn clothes. Fishermen were poor and couldn't buy new garments due to the expensiveness of cotton thread. Farmers also used it to quilt their outer jackets to stay warmer in winter.
I saw it on an old number of Marie Claire Idées and was immediately drew to it because of its
geometric patterns. As all things Japanese, it is mostly a matter of concentration and form. The process will bring you, through a rigid process of perfection, to a neat and geometric result.

I won't tell you more as there's a lot of great websites on this topic. Here are a few:

Sashiko stitchers - lots of infos and patterns

Sashiko tutorial from Handmaiden

Sashiko tutorial from The Purl Bee

Sashiko embroidery class from File Under Fiber

Sashiko stitching Right and Wrong - how to stitch perfectly

Did you know about Sashiko or is it new for you? Have you ever tried it? I haven't done it yet but can't wait.... a placemat set is on its way!!!!

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Alli (One Pearl Button) ha detto...

Sashiko is really lovely. I've seen it before, but have never tried it myself. If you give it a try, I'd love to see how yours turns out!