31 mar 2010

Still alive!

I'm sure than in one of my previous lives I must have been a desperate housewife and my karma now refuses to repeat that life. When it comes to cleaning I am not the right person to ask an advice to... I love to work from home and live in my cozy and happily decorated 35 square meters (yeah, I live in the country but my house is as big as a NYC flat) but I just hate to clean.
With Easter approaching I had to get my hands dirty and start the Spring cleaning. It's been two days since I started and I've been angry all the time. But, as disaster never comes alone, I have not just my house to "polish", I also have the small cottage we rent as a vacantion home. The same cottage I used during winter as my craft room. Therefore... not only cleaning but I had to pack all of my crafty possession and get them back in my little studio. They are now stored in plastic boxes eagerly waiting to be used. What gets me so frustrated is that I am itching to do some crafting but I can't...
I refused to pack my sewing machine yet and the half-finished Marie Skirt is lying on the ironing board abandoned... I really wish I can finish it for Easter!!!
But there's always something to be grateful for and something I really enjoyed to do:

take my beloved and half rotten red Converse out of their box and wash them

watch my Iris bloom

watch the first tomato growing

give a summery feeling to the small cottage we rent

repaint the cottage bathroom shelf with an eco paint

Any advice when it comes to cleaning in a good mood? I know some of you out there has a secret... please share!!!!!!!!!!

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Alli (One Pearl Button) ha detto...

Aw, that stinks that you have to give up your crafting space! I'm sure the extra income is nice, though. I'm also a terrible housewife and hate cleaning - Nate does most of it. Turning on fun music (loudly!) always helps me, though.