25 mar 2010

How I love snail mail!

Just as I was heading to my craft room, I saw the postman van... Every time I see it I can feel excitement and happiness, I so love snail mail, it's always unexpected, as was today's package... I knew it was to come but I thought it would arrive next week...
Last week I won Biancifiore's giveaway... it was my first time winning and I was super excited to receive my lovely gifts! Biancifiore is a queen of recycling things and always comes up with precious crafts!!!! Her blog is only in Italian but pictures speak for themselves so, please go and say hello to her; if you have small kids you'll find tons of projects to make with your little ones.

Now back on my prizes... I won not just one but two sewing books!!!!!! Sewing for dummies (in Italian, finally I won't need a dictionary near my sewing machine) and Baby Patchwork. I do not have children but the art of quilting is something I find really interesting, so I will read it carefully and then give it a go! And there was also a beautiful handmade necklace... its colours are perfect for Spring!!!

But the biggest prize of all is a hand-made sewing kit!!!! Biancifiore herself made it recycling an egg carton! And inside there's all I need: threads, needles, pins, buttons and a very little pair of scissors! It's way too cute!!!!!! I'm in love!

Thanks Biancifiore for this awesome giveaway!!! I loved it! Now off to my brand new books, I'm going to study hard... I can see new creations coming!!!

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biancifiore ha detto...

wow, che post meraviglioso ... mi sono commossa! sono contenta che il premio ti sia piaciuto e spero che ti sia compagno di molte ore di divertimento e di soddisfazione! un abbraccio