22 mar 2010

What the world eats...

I know this is a crafty blog but today I want to share a link with you. It deals with our planet and with what we eat every day.
A photographer and his wife went around the globe getting picture of the typical weekly grocery shopping in random families: US, Italy, France, Bhutan, India, China and so on.
The pictures are amazing and you can't watch them without reflecting on the disparity that reigns on Earth. For some people grocery shopping is packaging, colours and brands, for others it barely is a handful of rice.
Please follow the links and watch them, the time spent in looking at the images is really worth it.
Please help spread them too, it's important that every single soul on this Planet reflects on the topic aroused by these pictures.

What the world eats - Part 1

What the world eats - Part 2

What the world eats - Part 3

Blogging can help us make the world a little better, that's why I do it.

2 commenti:

Alli (One Pearl Button) ha detto...

Wow, these are really incredible images - thanks for sharing them!

Yoj ha detto...

Truly incredible to see what each family purchases and how much they spend!