23 apr 2010

Wild flowers

Spring in the countryside is definitely the best season of the year. I should add that, in fact, Spring in Sicily starts at the end of January and the countryside has already been blooming for a couple of months. Anyway, time doesn't matter.

My favourite spot of the day, during this season, is my morning walk with Billy, my partner in crime (e.g. the dog). While he sniffs, barks and marks the territory, I wander and wonder, loosing myself in my thoughts. It's the perfect way to start the day, I rearrange my ideas and draw inspiration from this beautiful countryside.
As it is full of flowers, I often come back home with some of them, picking randomly or by colour.

I'm sure many of you do the same thing but this is how I do it:
1 - take your dog on a morning walk;
2 - pick the flowers you like most (do not pick endangered species);
3 - shake them to leave ants and insects where they belong (wild flowers are full of sooo little creatures);
4 - walk back home trying not to be eaten by all those ants;
5 - arrange your flowers in a vase;
6 - enjoy them for a lot of days, they will bring so much happiness to your house!

p.s. try not to do that while it's raining... as I did this morning... some of the poeasy of the moment could be replaced by a sniffing nose.... :-)

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sigrid ha detto...

Beautiful! A good reminder to pick some flowers in my yard and put them where I can see them all day.