8 mag 2010

A European Journey... Eyjafjöll permitting...

This is the exciting news I wanted to share with you all today!
On Tuesday I will be leaving for a 15 days journey across Europe!!! From Catania to Paris (three awesome mother-daughter days), to London (a friend's weekend), to Leeds (visiting my brother), to Milan (family and friends) and then back home.
But my feelings tonight are a bit different... the Iceland volcano is erupting again and travel flights could be difficult in the next few days. The red alert is for tomorrow but, when I travel, I tend to get a bit anxious before leaving... I really really really do hope that everything goes well and my flights will be regular!
Will you please keep all your fingers crossed for me? I would be so grateful... maybe a giveaway when I come back?

2 commenti:

Natasha ha detto...

Well I hope that your trip will go smoothly!!
Have fun!

Anonimo ha detto...

Have a wonderful time! I'm travelling to the UK in 2 weeks and am nervous about the volcano, too. So I know how you feel. But enjoy yout trip, I'm sure all will be fine!