9 mag 2010

Waiting for the cloud to dissolve...

The best way to dissolve my anxiety over the ash cloud? Crafting of course!
So, instead of reading every 10 minutes all the Italian and French online newspapers looking for news, I took my sewing machine and made two different pillow covers for our small cottage couch.
The red one is very simple, it's just a fabric case, with no embellishments and no zipper. I overlapped the end on one side and I am still thinking of adding a few buttons... but I need to buy them, as I cannot find any I like in my drawers.
The other one, made with a thick striped cotton is my nemesis for today! I love it! I put a grosgrain ribbon I've had for at least 6 years in between the two sides and sewed all together. And I also managed to attach an invisible zipper!
These were very easy to make but I am nonetheless very excited in sharing them and I am very happy with the final result!

p.s. to tell the truth... I checked internet for news on the volcano every 11 minutes instead of 10... I couldn't help myself!

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Natasha ha detto...

I love what you did with the edging on the striped pillow!