23 giu 2010

Being back... loud and proud!!!

I disappeared in the past weeks due to a lot of things to do. I took up, as a consultant, an event planning job that completely ate up all my free time for more than ten days. Now that the event has taken place and was a huge success, I am working on the last finishing touches of my cottage renovation, before the first guests arrive this Saturday.
I have to say that being back in the swing of things for the event plannig was extremely fun. I chose freely to leave that world when I moved to Sicily looking for a quieter life but doing it from tim to time is useful for my brain, for making new acquaintaces and for some stress which, taken in the right doses keeps you alive (at least, this is how I see it).
For the cottage I can't wait to share pictures with you all but I need a few more days of painting...

Anyway, the great news is that, while browsing through my Reader trying to catch up with all your lovely blogs, I discovered that I have won the "you know you're a craftaholic when..." post which I had blogged about here. This said, I'm very proud of my new button which I will display for a long time in my right column! That post was so much fun, it made me laugh to tears and I could certainly see myself in more than one "craftaholicism"! If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend you to do it!
I managed to make a few things and hopefully will be able to share them in the following days so... stay tuned!!!

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