15 lug 2010

Wedding Attire

On Friday night, boyfriend and I flew to my hometown to attend one of my best friend's wedding. As we have known each other for 23 years, he chose me as his witness (in Italy there are no bridesmaids or groomsmen, the couple chooses from one to three witnesses that after the celebration will have to sign the marriage act granting the truth of the union). I needed the perfect outfit. I needed to be elegant while understated, so that the bride would be the only center of the attention.

I chose a vintage handsewn dress that was my boyfriend's mom. She wore it in the same occasion some decades ago. The dress is gorgeous, it is made of the softest and wrinkle-free silk I have ever seen and I loved the fact that it was blue, my favourite colour. I needed to buy shoes to go with it and I was lucky enough to find a teal satin silk pair that match perfectly the colour of some flowers on the dress. The only problem at that point was the bag. I know that you don't need your bag to match the shoes but I loved that colour too much not to repeat it in my bag. The only thing to do was... making the bag!!!!!

I went fabric hunting with my boyfriend's mom anf found a silk cady in the very same colour!!!! I used a pattern from an old book and after a few hours of ironing, steaming, sewing and sweating, I had my bag ready to go!!!! I was so proud of my little work!!!

I really have to say that this time my crafty skills really saved me from hours and hours of shopping, looking for the perfect bag in this heat... moreover, I was proud of being there, right next to my best friends wearing something that represented me fully: a handmade dress and bag.

I had to use Picnik on these pictures... the sun is so high today that the colours were too sparkling... but if you wish to see the exact colours, the following picture wasn't picnicked...

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oh I would love to see an outfit post of this!! Please please please!!